Carrie Christner

Young woman sitting in window seat with phone and sweet dog curled up on her legs. Text: Quality veterinary marketing is simply client education, served up with pizzazz and strategically delivered.

Make Marketing a Priority

Dealing with a packed schedule and staffing shortages these days can make it easy to drop the ball on marketing your services to your clients. After all, if you’re already too busy, why encourage more visits? But helping your clients make smart, well-informed decisions is an investment in your patients’ health and your practice’s future — and may even help ease your overloaded appointment schedule.

Dog playing on yoga mat with owner

Beat the Voicemail Vortex

A 2019 study of 13 billion monthly phone calls showed that consumers only pick up 48% of the calls they receive. This isn’t news to veterinary professionals, who struggle with seemingly endless cycles of voicemail and phone tag with clients. Learn how Hospital Manager and longtime VetTools user Katy Joyce, CVT came up with an innovative VetTools solution for this challenge.

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The Crisis and the Calling

When VetVision joined the VIN® Family and became VINx in 2013, the thought was that the “x” at the end of the new name would signify an extension of VIN® membership. Our intentions were good, but instead, it resulted in people confusing us with a talented jazz musician sharing the same name or pronouncing it to rhyme with “sphynx” instead of “VIN-ex”. They also struggled to understand what kind of service we offered. (I guess jazzy hairless cats aren’t a thing?).