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Text messaging by and for veterinary professionals.

Flexible plans starting at $99/mo

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Text messaging by and for veterinary professionals.

Flexible plans starting at $99/mo

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VIN® Practice Communications

Text messaging is an essential communication tool for your busy veterinary practice.

Smart text and voice messaging tools are priceless, helping you to lessen strain on your overloaded phone lines, enjoy more responsive clients, and save time spent on the phone (who has time for phone tag? Not you!).
As veterinary professionals ourselves, we believe you deserve options, so we created VetTools Messaging for practices seeking a text and voice messaging solution only. It’s a smaller, more focused version of its bigger sibling VetTools Clients Engaged.
So what does life look like with VetTools Messaging by your side and how does it help you? Consider these examples…
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Avoid the time-consuming voicemail vortex by sending a quick text after leaving a detailed voicemail, to avoid those “Hi, did you call me?” callbacks from clients.

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Spread good news quickly and notify owners of negative heartworm and fecal test results with a few simple clicks.

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Help your clients feel connected to their hospitalized and boarding pets with MMS image texts showing how they’re doing.

The VetTools Messaging platform includes these key communication tools.

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Text Messaging

Your clients are already devoted to their phones and are texting. A lot. In fact, text messages have a 98% open rate, with 95% of them read by recipients within 3 minutes.* (*Source: Forbes). Shouldn’t some of those eagerly read texts be from you?
VetTools veterinary text messaging helps you get your clients’ focused attention quickly and takes immediate steps to reduce your phone call volume by providing an alternate method of communication.
  • Let the conversations flow with on-demand, 2-way text messaging, perfect for on-the-spot check-ins or quick reports on hospitalized patients.
  • Add invaluable at-home visual clues to your diagnostic process with MMS images and video texts.
  • The enhanced visibility of text messages make them perfect for quick check-in texts for pets recovering at home.
  • Tools like templates, notifications, and auto-reply help you to text more efficiently and effectively.
smartphone showing text messages between client and vet practice
Call and text clients on-the-go. Keep your info private.
Use the VetTools Mobile app to exchange text messages with clients or call clients right on your mobile phone, without sharing your number.
So go enjoy dinner with your family or catch that goat yoga class and make a few callbacks after, from your favorite comfy chair. And push notifications mean you’ll never miss an important text!
Your clients do not need an app to text with you or take your calls.
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Landline Texting

Texting from your practice’s landline* means instant recognition and the ease of only one number for your clients to use!
*Landline texting available in the U.S. and Canada.

SMS Voice Note

Say goodbye to the voicemail vortex! Instead of carefully leaving a detailed voicemail for clients, then face-palming at the “Did you call me?” return call, make things easier for your clients and you. Simply record your message and send the audio file via SMS for clients to listen to right within their own texting platform. No need for them to call in to their voicemail – just press play! They’ll appreciate the convenience and you’ll appreciate fewer phone calls.
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Virtual Phone

With your VetTools virtual phone, you and your authorized team members can make outgoing calls from your mobile phones, computers, and tablets with your practice appearing as the caller. This kind of added flexibility can give your team more power to keep things running smoothly and your practice phone lines a much-needed rest.
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Save time and keep your messaging consistent with pre-written, customizable communication templates.
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Looking for more?

We also offer VetTools Clients Engaged, a complete client engagement platform for veterinarians, featuring text and voice messaging PLUS automated appointment communications, marketing campaigns, reminders, surveys and reviews, health alerts, and so much more.

Feature List and Pricing Details

Add-on Services

One size doesn’t always fit all when it comes to your business. While everything detailed above is included with your VetTools Clients Engaged subscription, we also offer these additional add-on services so you can customize your VetTools service based on your practice’s needs:
  • SMS Health Service Reminders
  • PetPost Reminder Postcards
  • Mass SMS Announcements
  • Phone Type Validation
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