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Easy client engagement for busy veterinary professionals like you!

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Easy client engagement for busy veterinary professionals like you!

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VIN® Practice Communications

Save Time.

Save your whole team valuable time with intuitive and automated client communications designed to always sound and feel to your clients just like you.

Improve Visits.

Improve the quality and outcomes of patient visits by setting clear expectations, providing post-visit support, and learning from your clients’ experiences.

Nurture Relationships.

Nurture vital relationships with clients and inspire them to form strong bonds with your practice by sharing helpful and meaningful interactions between visits.

Everything we do is inspired by our experiences working in the field and our shared passion for the veterinary profession.

Because we truly know just how busy you are and how challenging your job can be (even on the best of days!), we created VetTools Clients Engaged to run effortlessly in your background, like clockwork. It’s a comprehensive client engagement platform designed to manage all of your essential client communications and make it easier for you to focus on and experience the rewards of the very important work in front of you – like caring for patients, bonding with clients, and running your business!
So what, exactly, does all that look like with VetTools Clients Engaged on board and how does it help you? Here are just a few examples…
Man looking at smartphone while holding beagle in lap
We’ll handle your appointment confirmations so you have ample time to answer alllll the new puppy questions and help Jake’s nervous owner feel reassured.
woman on phone, smiling, while looking at pet postcard featuring an orange cat
We’ll create a dental awareness campaign so you can use your superstar dental skills on Lucy and know you’ve helped extend her life.
woman on laptop while holding dog in lap
We’ll encourage positive client reviews so you and your team know your excellent work is invaluable and very much appreciated.

The VetTools Clients Engaged platform includes these essential features and services.

Marketing & Outreach

“Marketing” isn’t a dirty word. Smart, compelling marketing isn’t just good for your business; it’s great for your clients and patients, too. Done well, veterinary marketing is simply quality client education served up with some pizzazz and delivered strategically, to the right clients at the right time. And well-informed, engaged clients make terrific pet owners!
Fortunately, you don’t have to be a marketing wiz with VetTools by your side.

Anatomy of an Effective Marketing Campaign

Sophisticated recipient selection parameters and highly specific messaging means your campaign is only sent to the most relevant recipients, and is more likely to grab their attention and resonate.
Targeted recipients
Cats with no recent activity at the practice


Average Per Participating Hospital


& Exams

0 +


$ 0


But outreach is about more than just marketing. It’s a way to keep your clients apprised of important happenings at your practice and position yourself with them as the best and first source of info when it comes to questions about their pet’s health.
icon set of hand holding newsletter
“I heard about this recall earlier this morning when I went to the office. Was going to ask you to do this but you already have a newsletter ready to go. Love it!!! Thanks for being here.”
Dr. Jonathan W.

Communication Tools

We believe quality client communication tools should give you more options and freedom, not keep you tethered to your practice or even a device.
VetTools communication tools give you the flexibility to easily engage and connect with your clients on your terms, and will be working in the background for you and your clients when you’re enjoying your well-deserved downtime.
woman looking at smartphone while cat naps on her lap

Text Messaging

Your clients are already devoted to their phones and are texting. A lot. In fact, text messages have a 98% open rate, with 95% of them read by recipients within 3 minutes.* (*Source: Forbes). Shouldn’t some of those eagerly read texts be from you?
VetTools veterinary text messaging helps you get your clients’ focused attention quickly and takes immediate steps to reduce your phone call volume by providing an alternate method of communication.
  • Let the conversations flow with on-demand, 2-way text messaging, perfect for on-the-spot check-ins or quick reports on hospitalized patients.
  • Add invaluable at-home visual clues to your diagnostic process with MMS images and video texts.
  • The enhanced visibility of text messages make them perfect for quick check-in texts for pets recovering at home.
  • Tools like templates, notifications, and auto-reply help you to text more efficiently and effectively.
smartphone showing text messages between client and vet practice
Call and text clients on-the-go. Keep your info private.
Use the VetTools Mobile app to exchange text messages with clients or call clients right on your mobile phone, without sharing your number.
So go enjoy dinner with your family or catch that goat yoga class and make a few callbacks after, from your favorite comfy chair. And push notifications mean you’ll never miss an important text!
Your clients do not need an app to text with you or take your calls.
Smiling vet looking at smartphone

Landline Texting

Texting from your practice’s landline* means instant recognition and the ease of only one number for your clients to use!
*Landline texting available in the U.S. and Canada.

SMS Voice Note

Say goodbye to the voicemail vortex! Instead of carefully leaving a detailed voicemail for clients, then face-palming at the “Did you call me?” return call, make things easier for your clients and you. Simply record your message and send the audio file via SMS for clients to listen to right within their own texting platform. No need for them to call in to their voicemail – just press play! They’ll appreciate the convenience and you’ll appreciate fewer phone calls.
woman dialing smartphone with chihuahua seated beside her

Virtual Phone

With your VetTools virtual phone, you and your authorized team members can make outgoing calls from your mobile phones, computers, and tablets with your practice appearing as the caller. This kind of added flexibility can give your team more power to keep things running smoothly and your practice phone lines a much-needed rest.
vet techs talking with iPad in the foreground displaying SMS information


Save time and keep your messaging consistent with pre-written, customizable communication templates.
woman petting a cat while she checks smartphone for certificate of vaccination for pet

Online Forms

Integrated forms like appointment and refill requests work with your existing website to help your practice be available to your clients at their convenience – and yours.
vet tech using laptop displaying record sharing information

Record Sharing

Master collaborative patient care and easily connect with your colleagues with just a few clicks to share records via PDF or a secure link.
icon set of hand holding newsletter
“It is so professional and convenient. If the doctor needs to call after hours about a specific case, she can easily call the client on her day off or after hours with the VetTools Mobile app and her cell number is invisible.”
Katy J.

Education & Compliance

Clients who are eager to hear and follow your recommendations may at times feel like the sparkly unicorns of your dreams, but the right tools can help bridge the gap between your clients’ good intentions and you.
vettools petsites logo

Your clients love their pets, and they want to provide great care for them.

Use PetSites to empower your clients with the trusted information, valuable tools, and 24/7 access they need to be your active partner in their pet’s healthcare.
Smartphone displaying a pet pharmacy refill request form

Print & Email Health Documents

For their convenience (and yours!), your clients can print and email their own health documents, like vaccine certificates and ID cards.
woman kissing dog on head with iPad in the foreground displaying PetSite information

Client Pet Record Access

Easily accessed pet records help your clients be informed, well-prepared caregivers. You choose how much information and what types of information to share.
older couple taking a satisfaction survey on an iPad

Surveys & Feedback

Create your own surveys and collect the feedback and data most valuable to your practice.
Smiling man with a laptop on lap, smiling at dog

Online Request Forms

Online request forms make your PetSites an interactive experience and encourage positive actions from your clients.


Access for your clients is simple, with traditional login using email and password, or social login with Facebook, Amazon, Google, or Linkedin credentials.


The modern and responsive portal design transitions seamlessly from desktop to laptop to mobile device - or use the dedicated app.


YOU determine which PetSites features to offer your clients, and how much information to share.

Health Service Reminders

An effective health service reminder is so much more than a list of services due! It contains several essential components. It must feel personal, contain clear information, and include a distinct call-to-action with an accompanying mechanism to achieve it.
Dictate your desired timing and take advantage of code-specific settings to easily create the perfect reminder system for your practice and patients.
VetTools Clients Engaged includes health service reminders sent by email.
Time for a visit infographic

Integration with

vet partner logo
Share Veterinary Partner articles via email or text and give Dr. Google the ol’ heave ho by offering your clients high quality pet health education from a source you can trust.
icon set of hand holding newsletter
“We are extremely happy with VetTools. We have been using it for a year now and still daily, I hear from clients that they really like the species and color specific reminders.”
Dr. Daniel W.


A successful appointment experience doesn’t start when your client and patient walks in the door and end when they leave. It starts with clear pre-appointment communications and ends with effective, meaningful post-appointment messages.
Icon set of person going through steps of vet care
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Make appointments more successful and save time with VetTools Buddy

The catch? Sure, quality pre- and post-visit communications are essential to successful appointments, but they’re also time-consuming and repetitive. Fortunately, VetTools Buddy simplifies and automates this never-ending task without sacrificing your personal touch, featuring:
  • ALL of your key appointment communications, sent via SMS/text, email, and phone
  • Sent for you automatically with intuitive messaging and behavior specific to the appointment type
  • Using your practice’s voice, messaging, protocols, and preferences
dog looking at laptop displaying email from vet practice

Enjoy smooth-running appointments and fewer no-shows.

  • Serve as a helpful “heads up” that an appointment is approaching.
  • Easy for your clients to confirm, cancel, or reply.
  • Expectations are set with clear protocol info, details, and instructions specific to the type of appointment.

Nurture relationships and improve compliance.

  • Thoughtful check-in messages let your clients know you’re still thinking about their pet.
  • Invite clients to ask questions and keep you updated on their pet’s progress at home.
  • Remind clients of your recommendations and suggestions.

Identify problem areas and make clients feel heard.

  • Surveys to help you identify areas of strength and weaknesses in your appointment flow.
  • Reviews from your happy clients to help you grow your reputation and practice.
  • Clients appreciate knowing you value their feedback.

group of dogs in a field
Great tools contribute to great culture.

Be your team’s hero!

Your team’s time is incredibly valuable, and repetitive tasks like confirming appointments can suck the joy right out of the day and contribute to burnout. Take this never-ending task right off your team’s plate and make them over-the-moon happy with automated appointment communications.

icon set of hand holding newsletter
“The email and text appointment reminders have revolutionized the Client Service Representative job. They are super duper happy!”
Dr. Katie T.
Successful appointments benefit everyone – your practice, your team, your clients, and your patients. VetTools Buddy will manage your appointment communications for you while supporting your successful appointment goals!

Reputation & Feedback

Quality client feedback can strengthen your practice and make it thrive, but inviting and managing that feedback requires some finesse. All-inclusive intuitive messaging and smart tools make this task simple!
vettools pop logo

Build your reputation with VetTools POP (Pet Owner Perception)

Great public reviews on sites like Google are the foundation of a strong online reputation. But how do you encourage positive public reviews while still retaining the ability to field the less-than-glowing feedback in a more private setting?
Now you can ask for reviews with confidence, with VetTools POP. This revolutionary client feedback system, sent automatically via SMS or email, is a hybrid of post-visit surveys and reviews.

Here’s how it works:

A friendly message thanks your clients for their visit and asks them for a quick and simple, preliminary rating on their visit.

Positive rating? Fist bump. The client is encouraged to post a public review on the site(s) of your choosing, allowing your biggest fans to shout their support of you from the rooftops!

Negative rating? The client is invited to fill out a private survey, allowing you to review and address their concerns in a discreet manner. (We’ll be right over with the Haagen Dazs and weighted blanket).

Either way you’ve just collected valuable feedback to help your practice grow and nurtured your client relationships by making them feel heard and understood.
Vet looking at laptop displaying vettools charts and graphs

Manage your reputation with your dashboard

While Google is the largest review site, it’s certainly not the only one, so review wrangling can get challenging quickly! Get automatic notifications of new public reviews across the web and read them right in your reputation dashboard.
Gain insight into where your practice is being reviewed, popularity trends across review sites, and accumulated review ratings with easy-to-read graphs.
Make it easy for prospective clients to read all of your best public reviews right on your website.

Highlight praise from your clients

You work hard to care for your patients and make your clients happy. Let’s make sure the great reviews you’ve earned are having the most impact possible by publishing them directly to a dedicated page right on your website.
Take pride in sharing praise from your clients on your corner of the web, and make it easy for prospective clients to read all of your best reviews in one spot!
smiling man petting dog while looking at smartphone displaying reviews of vet practice
Vet team celebrating a good review of their practice on Google Reviews

Improve team morale with client cheers

Positive client feedback isn’t just for building your reputation and growing your practice. Those precious bits of praise should be thrown around your practice like confetti and celebrated with your team!
Staff meetings are a great venue for sharing positive client feedback and reminding your team how appreciated they are.
icon set of hand holding newsletter

“We are thrilled with the response we’re getting from VetTools POP. Since implementing it, we’ve seen a steady increase in our 5 star Google reviews that feels very organic and not forced. We love this tool!”

Susan D.


Understand your practice’s financial performance and identify opportunity and problem areas with your dynamic, data-driven, easy-to-interpret reporting dashboards.
Explore your practice’s stats on:

Client Analytics

New client sources, new client growth, retention rates, top 20% clients

Practice Metrics

Active clients, visit numbers, appointment stats, service analysis

Financial Reporting

ACT, MTD and YTD revenue over time, A/R, charges by provider & category

Patient Demographics

Species, breeds, gender, yearly visits

Client Response

Health service reminders sent and client response

Communications Reporting

Detailed views of all of your sent client messages

icon set of hand holding newsletter
“I love the Practice Dashboard! The visual pie and line charts make it simple to compare charges from month-to-month and year-to-year. This tool keeps me from having to recreate the wheel.”
Brandee R.

Feature List and Pricing Details

icon set of practice options

Customization & Branding

You do you. You’ve worked hard to set yourself apart from the crowd. We support your practice’s uniqueness by:
  • Providing custom designed communications which strongly reflect your branding
  • Encouraging you to use as many custom templates as you need for consistent messaging
  • Offering countless options for settings, timing, and preferences to match your practice protocols

Add-on Services

One size doesn’t always fit all when it comes to your business. While everything detailed above is included with your VetTools Clients Engaged subscription, we also offer these additional add-on services so you can customize your VetTools service based on your practice’s needs:
  • SMS Health Service Reminders
  • PetPost Reminder Postcards
  • Mass SMS Announcements
  • Phone Type Validation
icon set of vet surrounded by technology