Doctor. Technician. Assistant. Manager. Client Service. Content Creator?

Doctor. Technician. Assistant. Manager. Client Service. Content Creator?

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VIN® Practice Communications

As fellow veterinary professionals, we know how many hats you and your team likely wear at your practice.
You may not have ever anticipated the need for a content creation hat-wearer, though. If creating high-quality client content is in your wheelhouse and you have time to do it, that’s awesome! If not, you’re in good company – and we can help.
What do we mean by “content”? Here are a few examples:
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Blog Posts

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Social Media

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Images + Video

Great client content is a precious tool in your business toolbox, as it works to educate your clients in such a way that leaves them better-informed and wanting to learn more. With each useful, helpful, engaging piece of content you share with them, they’ll expand their knowledge and be more likely to consider you their #1 source of pet health information. This makes them even better pet owners, and works to build the trust they have in your practice, making them more strongly bonded clients. Wins all around, thanks to quality content!
The VetTools Clients Engaged platform includes loads of high quality client content, of course. But we’ve also rounded up some here on this page for you, for free.
We invite you to use any of the content on this page for your own practice.


We’ve also created 2 COVID-related videos you can share with your clients in a number of ways: Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo. You can even embed them on your website.
Why has my veterinarian been so busy?
This incredibly popular video helps to explain to pet owners why it may take longer than usual for them to get an appointment to see their veterinarian.
How have pets helped us through COVID?
This video explores all of the ways pets have helped us through COVID, and addresses concerns pet owners may have about caring for their pets once they’re out in the world more and at home with their pets less.