Aug 2022 Client Outreach: Monkeypox and Solensia


Good day!
We’ve got a two-fer newsletter announcement for you today! In response to what’s going on in veterinary news, we’ve created two new informative newsletters to share with your clients:
  • Monkeypox & Pets
  • Solensia Launch/Osteoarthritis in Cats
These two newsletters covering hot topics are now available to send to your clients, serving to reassure, offer helpful information, and reinforce your practice’s role as your clients’ partner in pet health care.

Not Your Grandma's Newsletter

Not that we have anything against Grandma – Grandma’s great! What we mean is that your VetTools newsletters have all sorts of surprising features and benefits which you may not expect from your typical newsletter. (Seriously, Grandma, keep those cookies coming. We love you).

Some tantalizing tidbits about your VetTools newsletters:

  • Trust the source: Articles are written and/or reviewed by veterinarians at VIN and Veterinary Partner.
  • Edit, don’t write: Content can be quickly edited by you, or by us on your behalf. (Or you can write if you want to! You can also dance if you want to).
  • Reach your skimmers: Infographics are often included, for a quick read.
  • Be relevant: You define your recipient parameters for each newsletter (e.g. cats only, senior dogs, etc.).
  • Get shared: Accompanying social media content is provided by us.
  • Widen your reach: Sending via email is included in your VetTools Clients Engaged plan. Sending via mass SMS is also available, for a nominal additional fee.

Thoughtful, helpful, timely newsletters are an invaluable tool for building your clients' trust in you and your practice.

Monkeypox and Your Pet

The Monkeypox and Your Pet newsletter introduces basic information on monkeypox – what it is, how dangerous and widespread is it (not very), symptoms to watch for, and what we know so far about its possible transmission to pets.
It’s a great way to reassure your clients and disseminate accurate information. Click here to view a newsletter sample.
Infographic detailing Monkeypox Do's and Don'ts for pets
Infographic included in newsletter

Solensia Launch

Infographic detailing signs of osteoarthritis in cats
Infographic included in newsletter
If you’re anything like me and are owned by a creaky, pampered old cat (case in point: yesterday she had gently warmed up spaghetti for lunch), you may be eagerly awaiting the widespread availability of Solensia by Zoetis, the new medication for osteoarthritis pain in cats. VIN Practice Communications is not affiliated with Zoetis.
This newsletter reviews potential signs of osteoarthritis pain in cats, and announces either the pending launch or availability of Solensia, depending on your practice’s situation. Click here to view a newsletter sample.
We know your clients will appreciate you sharing this valuable (and reassuring!) information with them. If you have questions about either newsletter offering or need any assistance, please always feel free to reach out to us at or 800-454-0576.
Thank you for choosing VIN Practice Communications!
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