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Hiring Veterinary Support Staff

Hiring support staff has become a challenge and severe pain point for many veterinary practices. The talent is out there, waiting to join your dream team, but a smaller pool of applicants means the hiring process needs to evolve. Learn how Practice Manager Susan Driever, B.S., CVPM, has learned to successfully navigate this challenge at her practice.

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The Crisis and the Calling

When VetVision joined the VIN® Family and became VINx in 2013, the thought was that the “x” at the end of the new name would signify an extension of VIN® membership. Our intentions were good, but instead, it resulted in people confusing us with a talented jazz musician sharing the same name or pronouncing it to rhyme with “sphynx” instead of “VIN-ex”. They also struggled to understand what kind of service we offered. (I guess jazzy hairless cats aren’t a thing?).