Sep 2022 Client Outreach: No-Show Appointments

Do you think she walked in, saw you and left?

Nobody likes being stood up, and it seems our beloved veterinary community is being stood up by clients a lot these days (and it’s not your new haircut, which looks great, btw).
No-show appointments are a problem because they’re bad for business, bad for morale, and bad for your patients.

It's a hectic world.

These days empty appointment slots are like gold, giving you the opportunity to slide another sick pet into your already jam-packed day, but you need to know you’ll have time to care for them.

Your clients mean well.

Most of your clients don’t intend to cause you problems by missing appointments. But life gets busy, people get overscheduled, and many clients simply don’t understand the negative impact their “skipping” an appointment can have on your other patients.

Educate your clients without a guilt trip, and they'll want to help.

Client Infographic Available

We’ve created this fun new “Don’t Ghost Your Veterinarian” infographic to help your clients understand the positive impact of letting you know ahead of time when they can’t make their appointment.
Use this free infographic for:

  • Social media
  • Website content
  • Practice display

Download it Here

Social Media

Square PNG image, perfect for posting on social media.

Website Content

Rectangular/portrait-oriented PNG image file, ideal for sharing on a website page.


Letter-sized PDF document sized to fit on a 8.5×11″ paper for print.
We’ve also added the infographic to this public page for pet owners:
You’re welcome to include a link to this page in your appointment confirmation messages, to help improve appointment compliance.
We know your clients will appreciate you taking the time to help them better understand this challenge. If you have questions or comments on the infographic or need any assistance, please always feel free to reach out to us at or 800-454-0576.
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