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Welcome, new friends!

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Contact Sales

Welcome, new friends!

Are you a current user needing help?

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Our team is made up of veterinary professionals just like yourself.

“So, as a salesperson…
what makes you different from all the rest?”
“Well, I’m not a salesperson.
I’m a vet tech who works for VIN®.”
This actual exchange between a new prospective user and one of our team members sums us up pretty well. We all have extensive backgrounds working in veterinary practices, and zip formal training in sales. This means our approach may feel a bit different at times, but we will respect your time, your business, and your experience, and will always help you make the right decisions for you. You won’t hear any fancy spiels from us – we simply believe in what we do and offer.

Our Sales Philosophy

We believe our role in the sales process is to

Get to know you and your practice’s challenges and goals.

Guide you through exploring the solutions we can offer you.

Help you to determine if we’re a good fit for your practice.

That’s it. Our ultimate goal is to help you make the best decision for your practice,
whether that’s VIN® Practice Communications – or not.
Meet Ashley Keith, our sales lead!

“Thank you for your time yesterday - you did a great job of presenting the information and allowing us to make the decision about what works best for our practice without a pressured sales pitch and I appreciate that!”

Dr. Jana L.

Here’s how you can reach us.

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VIN Practice Communications
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