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Flexible plans starting at $99/mo


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Flexible plans starting at $99/mo

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Text messaging is essential for your busy veterinary practice.

Text messaging is essential for your busy veterinary practice.

VHMA MEMBER PERKS | $199 Setup Fee WAIVED for VHMA Members!

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Your clients are texting. A lot.

In fact, a recent study showed that the average American checks their mobile phone 52 times every day. So – given how attached your average client likely is to their phone, text messaging, and most of all, their beloved pets… shouldn’t some of those many texts they’re reading be from you?
But text messaging isn’t just great for connecting with your clients; it’s also a terrific tool for improving practice efficiency. Used well, text messaging can significantly reduce call volume and decrease your team’s time spent on the phone. VetTools Messaging is your streamlined, budget-friendly, feature-rich text and voice messaging solution, created by and for veterinary professionals.
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What can you achieve with VetTools Messaging?

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Decrease calls and avoid the voicemail vortex

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Show you care with quick check-in messages

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Help clients feel connected to your practice

VetTools Messaging includes these key features

Text Messaging

Virtual Phone


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SMS Voice Note

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Landline Texting

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Mobile App

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Worried about transitioning from another service, like ZipWhip?

Nope! We’ll make the switch as seamless for your entire practice as possible. We handle all of the technical back-end work and provide you with the training and support you need to successfully make the change.
If you’ve already been text messaging with your clients, oftentimes your clients won’t notice a thing! But if any components will be different, don’t worry; we’ll help you get the word out to your clients so they feel well-informed and comfortable with the change.
We like the way you think! We certainly hope so and it’s very likely, but the only way to be sure is for you to communicate your practice’s needs to us so we can help you explore whether VetTools Messaging is the ideal solution. We recommend making a list of what you and your team consider the most important features of a text messaging service, and sharing it with us.
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Want to know more about what VetTools Messaging has to offer?

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Our team is made up of veterinary professionals just like yourself.

Have a demo by Dec. 31 for a special caffeinated gift! ☕

+ $199 Setup Fee WAIVED for VHMA Members!

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