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Tired of struggling to keep up with client communications? We get it! It can be tough to juggle all the appointments, treatments, and phone calls, especially when you’re working in a high-stress environment.

March your business forward with VetTools Clients Engaged!


Save your whole team valuable time with intuitive and automated client communications designed to always sound and feel to your clients just like you.


Improve the quality and outcomes of patient visits by setting clear expectations, providing post-visit support, and learning from your clients’ experiences.


Nurture vital relationships with clients and inspire them to form strong bonds with your practice by sharing helpful and meaningful interactions between visits.

All running in the background to keep your practice on track while you navigate your busy day!

VetTools Clients Engaged includes these key features

Informative newsletters
Targeted marketing
Hospital updates
Text messaging
Virtual phone app
SMS Voice Note
Email reminders
PetSites client portals
Veterinary Partner integration
Automated communications
Post-visit ratings
Public reviews
Client analytics
Practice metrics
Financial reporting

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Have a demo by October 31 for a special caffeinated gift! ☕

+ $199 Setup Fee WAIVED for VHMA Members!

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